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The Thought that Dreams

My 5 year old nephew issued a new “theory” couple of days ago, a theory that inspired me. Just before falling asleep one evening he asked my mom what dreams are. Probably he was unsatisfied by her answer ’cause after a pause he said: “Grandma,  I think it’s not me who dreams at night, I think it’s my thought that dreams.” :)

I started thinking trying to link my dreams with my thoughts. And I realised that during times of ill thinking or depression so my dreams were ugly and weird. While since I’m at peace with myself and the world around, my dreams are calm and beautiful, even inspirational.

What if my little nephew is right and it’s our thoughts that give the quality of our dreams? If there is a slight chance that that would be true, wouldn’t it be worth it to exercise our positive thinking? To put happy, beautiful, constructive thoughts in our mind. What would a happy thought dream of?

I’m gonna give it a try. :) How ’bout you?

Posted by Roxana on Feb.24 2015

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