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The Easiest Way to Prove You Care

Real kindness seeks no return. What return can the world make to rain clouds?  



As a child, i remember strongly believing that the more i gave, the more i ‘d get. I don’t know where the certainty was coming from; perhaps, as children, we come equippped with all the right knowledge, only to forget it while growing up (and, hopefully, rediscover it later).

Luckily i hung on to that belief (and a few others). Because it has worked miracles in my life over and over again.

There are things that you can offer, and the more you give, the more you have.

One is your smile. Yes, your smile is a gift to the world. How many times have you been revived and refreshed by someone’s bright smile and laughter? I can remember so many smiles that brightened my day and i secretly promised myself to offer my children a smiling mom.

You can give your time, your support, you can listen, encourage or console. You can build up people who are down, and this will only make you stronger too.

We can help people build positive skills that will empower them for a lifetime.

Your words of kindness never go unheard. Your gentle presence is felt. People remember the way they felt in your presence. Years later, your warmth and humanity will be alive in their hearts. You may not receive recognition, but there is Someone up there that keeps counting, and His rewards are rich beyond imagination. I experienced it countless times. God or the Universe, or the Higher Force that you believe in, has amazing ways to give us back.

Try to get into this mindset of generosity and abundance; when you decide to give, do it with a full heart. Let your happiness shine.

A wonderful teacher once spoke of the triad of forces that move humanity: faith, hope and love. Practice them purposely, like you would with a new habit.

Find ways to cultivate them; literally live them and shine their light around you. They will bless your existence and give you the force and fuel to burn high and bright, every day of your life.

Often enough we are afraid to give for fear we will not receive gratitude. I want to be clear about this: eight times out of ten you may not even receive thanks. It happens to us all, it happened to Jesus. Be in peace, and if you wish to give, give anyway.

Give anonymously, give for the joy of sharing and helping and being a part of the wave of goodness that is nowadays starting to shift our world to a higher level. There are many like you out there, kind, compassionate, polite, considerate, caring and humane. Keep it up, my dear friend, we are in this together.


Posted by Alina on Jan.18 2015

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