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If I found happiness, you can too


For many years I believed, like the vast majority of the people I knew, that happiness is something that, well, just happens to us.

That one bright, amazing day, if you manage to achieve that list of things, you will graduate and become Master of Happiness.

Like puppies digging for their bone, we always search for happiness, our noses in the air, eagerly sniffing to follow the scent. But it eludes us again and again.

You become educated, you have better looks and the latest smartphone; you travel and you climb the social ladder, meet the perfect partner and so on.

But happiness is more of an inner state of balance and contentment, which is less dependent on extrinsic factors, and more on your own will and determination to live fully, in accordance with your core values and principles. With your joy.

Certainly there are many factors that contribute to our wellbeing, stability and growth.

However, happiness is a habit. A choice. A skill to be learned, an ability to be practiced.  An emotional state that you can create at  will. 

We don’t find happiness, we body-build a happiness muscle.

Circumstances can be favorable or harsh; life can support you or throw obstacles in your way.

However, when we are determined to see the good and the lesson in all events and in ourselves, when we listen to our feelings and choose to follow  real freedom and joy; when we are at peace with our values and choices, we have better chances of making it, regardless of the circumstances. We are better equipped to give a better meaning to our circumstances.

Let’s make a step in this direction every day and exercise our happiness muscle by figuring out what are the key values in your life. If you know exactly who you are, where you stand and who do you want to be, then that’s amazing. Let’s spend more time finding what makes our hearts sing, what gives our life purpose and meaning and fullness!

If you are just like me – a few years ago – these questions will definitely bring some light and some direction.

If you had only one day left to live, and you looked back upon your life, what would you feel?

Would you be happy with your choices, or would your heart be full of regrets?

Do you cherish your family? Beyond your parents, partner and children, who are those people you can count on for support, love and understanding? How do you make sure they know you care for them?

Is God a constant presence in your thoughts and actions? Do you believe in a force for the good, or do you think the world is a fearful place to be?

Do you choose your thoughts carefully, or do you often find yourself engulfed for hours in negative feelings and contemplations about the past or future? Do you deliberately talk positive to yourself and others? (by now I think you know my opinion on this one 🙂 )

Do you know that your feelings are a valuable compass, an inner GPS that is worth paying maximum attention to?

How about your health? What do you do to become a healthy, fit and energetic person?

What does money mean to you? Is it a friend or a foe, only a means to an end, or is it a purpose in itself? Do you believe you deserve to prosper and thrive, or on some level you feel unworthy and destined to struggle forever?

Have you found your passion, your calling, that talent or skill that makes you feel alive and significant, and helps you contribute to the well being of others?

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Posted by Alina on Jul.09 2016

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  1. Dear light at trend of a bleak tunnel,
    Yes, I am addressing you… however lost I may be feeling, your words sing to my heart a song of hope and motivation.
    Thank you.

    • Dear Cindy,
      Much gratitude for your loving friendship and for your wonderful openness to grow and be a constant student of your own happiness! Congratulations for the wonderful transformations you are making and for your kind, brave heart. Great big hug my friend.

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