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Womans Day

Happy Woman’s Day, Precious!

Couple of days ago, we celebrated Woman’s Day in my country.

It’s a colorful day filled with laughter, joy and looooove! You can feel it in the air. Men take their lovely wives, daughters, sisters, mothers out to honor them. There is a frantic move all over in the quest for the best present for HER. Flowers everywhere brought together in small pieces of art by the more or less initiated “flowery artists”.

Smile is a default state on March 08th.

I salute March 8th and I wish there was a special woman’s day everywhere in the world.

For women do need more celebration.

All the mothers that care for their sick child never thinking or caring that she may get sick too; all the wives that gently push their husbands on the success ladder; all grandmothers that “sacrifice” their elderly years to raise grandchildren when they should be cared for instead; all sisters that gladly give up their time, energy, money to help a sibling; all girlfriends who keep a red line open for their girlfriends in need; all women leaders that know how to be a boss, a manager and a friend while leading their teams to success.

For all these and many more gifts that they possess, women should be honored.

In the past years, I noticed women celebrate this day with their pals; they look confident and content with themselves. And I simply love it. Women finally take charge of their lives. They give up prejudices, they just ignore misconceptions and they go out and do whatever they like.

It’s about time. Because, woman, you are strong! You are smart!  You are wise! You are delicate! And you are BEAUTIFUL … no matter your age, size, colour, profession…

You can do ANYTHING you set you mind to do. You are top manager, CEO, great surgeon, psychologist, pilot, engineer. While you are mother, grandmother, daughter, friend, sister.

You are a complex and unique creature. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

So, this March forget about everything else. Go out and celebrate yourself! You deserve it!!!!!

Please take few minutes  to share with us who are the women in your life who deserve more recognition and appraisal.

Also, we would love to know what are the qualities, skills or activites that YOU feel you deserve more appreciation for. Are you an extraordinary mother, wife, always organized, always there for your loved ones? Or maybe a caring friend, sister, grandaughter or grandmother? Perhaps you are an accomplished career woman, an exquisite leader?

Hey sister, and don’t forget to honor us with your LIKES and SHARES!

Muchas gracias! 

P.S. Not accidently, we scheduled our official launch on March 08th. We want our to be a magic jewel that you can carry with you anywhere and everywhere. Looking forward to creating a powerful bond. Until then, Happy March, Precious! Here’s to you!



Posted by Roxana on Mar.12 2015

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