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Great Benefits you Get from Giving

It’s Christmas time.

The Pozitivistas have been having an ongoing debate for the past three months.

To care or not to care? To offer your support to those in need, or should you wait for them to ask? If you do, does it only apply to relatives and close ones, or should you extend your caring to mere strangers and new acquaintances?

Too many voices nowadays around me say “Nobody cares anyway”.Or “It’s not my problem.” Let them ask for the help if they want it.”

I think we are blinded and paralysed by our own fears. We expect gratitude. We fear rejection, or being mistaken for a pushy intruder, and we think nobody will appreciate our efforts anyway.

In fact, very often giving means you will receive more; just keep your heart open and believe that you deserve love and support, as much as everybody else does. Your reward for kindness will almost always come in a very different way than the one you offered, but nonetheless it will come.
I have experienced this time and again. It is true.

Tony Robbins talks about one of the basic human needs, contributing to the welfare of others. Caring can change people’s lives, he says, and surely he knows better. His father used to repeatedly say that nobody cares, no one is going to help. A stranger donated an awesome Thanksgiving turkey to their family and this made a massive impression on young Anthony and changed his life for ever. He now feeds tens of millions every year.

Love touches lives and builds human character.

Dale Carnegie offers multiple case studies, displaying the power of giving and caring for others. It is the best antidote for depression, loneliness and despair.

Outstanding, wise men that raised the standards of compassion to soaring heights- such as Jesus and Swami Vivekananda – advise that we offer our help with modesty, without expecting gratitude. Help if you will, for help’s sake, rewards are in your heart’s content.

I love presents. Who doesn’t? But this Christmas i experienced so much more joy from giving, to dear ones, strangers or to small children in a daycare for needy families.

Actually, everyone appreciates kindness. Everyones loves people who are engaged, involved, passionate and caring.Think of Oprah, or Mother Theresa. The rare cases who don’t appreciate it have personal problems, their pain or anger that just make them blind.

Don’t take it personally. Protect and feed your loving heart in the company of dear friends and caring people.


Give help, and ask for it when you need it.

Smile, take care of yourself first, but be present in your relationships; show that you are there and you care in ways that are within your reach, without depleting your resources.

Don’t look the other way when you know someone needs you. Don’t pretend you don’t see.

Give your time, your skills, your knowledge. Listen. Console. Uplift. Give hope. Let your presence be like a warm summer wind, bring light, love and cheer wherever you go.

Give money if you please, and here is the safe way: a line of advice in my favorite Catholic Church talks about giving only to the extent that you do not endanger your own financial stability and your family’s.

Remember, everybody loves a lover. Lead with kindess and compassion. As the Big Book says, faith, hope and love will live forever. But love is the greatest of them all.

So keep up the loving and make your light shine bright in matters big and small. Engage with full energy and enthusiasm in every interaction.

May this Christmas bless your heart and fill your life with love and joy!


Posted by Alina on Jan.18 2015

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PoZitivistas photos by Lia Nichifor