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Get Instant Stress Relief with these Quick, Infallible Methods

Two thousand years ago a man was born with a different view of the world. He shared his view and he died for it. But his message was so powerful that his name and presence are a burning flame, setting our Earth ablaze today, two millennia later.

He spoke of limitless love and forgiveness, and of His immensely compassionate Father.

Jesus was a man of courage. For despite His vision of what would come, He chose to face His fears and stand strong by his mission.

In some parts of the world people still die today for their beliefs. But what is even more sad is dying little by little, every day, for a lifetime, out of fear, without finding the courage to go out there and make our dreams happen.

For many years i lived like the lion from the kingdom of Oz, worried and afraid of change, the unknown, pondering over endless what ifs, analyzing countless gloomy scenarios that never came to be.

I have come a long way since, and even if i know i will always have to battle my fears, i now have the strongest allies:

Prayer melts worries in seconds. Pour your heart out to God in a heartfelt conversation. Do it as often as you can, for as long as you need to. Pray anytime, anywhere. Persist. The answers will come and your fears will subside. I have seen it work time and time again!

Release your worries with Louise Hay’s simple, yet amazing method. Affirm repeatedly, tens or even hundreds of times in a day: “I am willing to let go. I release. I let go. I release all tension. I release all fear. I release all anger. I release all guilt. I release all sadness. I let go of all old limitations. I let go, and I am at peace. I am at peace with myself. I am at peace with the process of life. I am safe.” This acknowledges your concerns, without giving them the power that resistance brings. Do replace your negative thoughts with another affirmation “I am open and receptive to receive ALL good.” As Louise says, not a little good, but ALL the good in the world. This opens your mind and makes you ready for the plentiful opportunities in your life. Repeat this affirmation as often as possible, until it feels natural. I promise it will.

Breathe. Deeply. Repeat! :) For starters, you can enjoy an ancient, very easy and efficient breathing technique with Shilpa Shetty. Try keeping your mind peaceful and focus on visualizing positive images, that easily transfer you in a pleasant state, rather than letting your thoughts wonder to worrisome areas.

Make EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) one of your strongest allies.  It combines the wisdom of ancient Chinese acupressure with modern psychology. It is easy to learn and apply, and it yields results instantly.

Consider the worst case scenario, without dwelling on it. Write down your concerns, and focus all your thoughts and efforts to minimize the risks of reaching the feared situation. Describe  your desired outcome in writing, in full detail. Write about it repeatedly, every day if possible. Surround yourself with reminders that help re-direct your thoughts to it.


Posted by Alina on Jan.18 2015

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