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Face Everything And Rise with this simple method

Fear is a serious issue. Fear is what mingles with our growing; it’s what keeps us from accomplishing goals; it’s what holds us from experiencing new things. Fear is a handicap. It’s a “dis ease”.


Fear is good. Fear is what tells us to look both ways before crossing the street. It’s what pushes us to concentrate before an important exam. It’s what helps us control ourselves.

Ever since I was about 5 years old, I’ve experienced all kinds of fears. As a child I had a horrendous fear of darkness and … ghosts. Yeah! Go ahead and laugh! I did fear ghosts. And, I guess, I still do.

As I grew up, I was paralyzed every time I had an exam or a presentation in front of an audience. I had a sharp fear of getting ridiculous, which I think is not entirely wrong. I know people who should have been “blessed” with such a phobia of ridiculousness, for the sake of others. 🙂

The adult I’ve become has gone through other stages or types of fears – fear of flying, fear of failure, fear of pain or disease, but mostly fear of death.

Thus, I guess I can proclaim myself a connoisseur in this field. Let me tell you then, that living in fear is dreadful. It’s like driving with your foot continuously pushing the brakes. We’ve all done that so you know how it feels. But, there is good news! As we’ve all got better at driving, so we’ll get better at dealing with fears.

I believe that every human being has a certain degree of fear. Even the most “macho” man out there is afraid of something.

So, there is hope, my friend … IF you’re interested. ‘Cause just as my quote above says, you can either Forget Everything And Run or you can Face Everything and Rise. I’m telling you now that running is not a solution. At least not a solid solution in the long run.

Eleanor Roosevelt used to say that every day we should do something that scares us. Can you guess what good would that do to a fearful soul? It will train the brain to get used to doing thinks it would not normally consider doing and it will prove the brain that something perceived as scary can in fact be overcome.

A friend of mine used to suffer of a horrible fear of flying. Since he was forced to travel a lot with his business, this phobia was a real issue for him. An unconventional therapist advised him to take flying lessons. So he did. And yes, he has no problem flying anymore.

Me, I didn’t take flying lessons, but I tried some other techniques, which worked miracles.

The most efficient was: Affirmations

A statement as simple as “I love and approve of myself” or “I release the need to feel fear” got me over busy days with exams, interviews and long meetings that involved presentations and tough negotiations. I would wake up in the morning and put all my good morning energy into repeating this statement over and over.

When in doubt or fearful, a short affirmation is the quickest and easiest tool to get yourself back on track. You can build your own affirmation or use one of Louise Hay’s, such as:

I choose now to release all doubts and destructive fears.”

“I approve of myself and I create peace in my mind and in my heart.”

“I am loved. I am safe.”

“My world is safe and I am safe.”

Don’t be fooled by the apparent insignificance of this tool. When repeated every day, few times a day, these short statements train the mind to think in a positive direction. They are for the mind what regular workout sessions are for the muscles.

A two hours flight used to terrify me to the point where I would usually refuse vacations or meetings with partners or friends overseas. Sweaty palm, nervousness, anxiety – they’re all familiar to me. Yet, after two weeks of daily practicing affirmations, I was able to fly. It’s been years since then and I’ve flown many long distance flights; some of them I’ve even enjoyed.  🙂

So, buckle up, my fearful friend! Fear is certainly a serious issue. But, you can deal with it. Create your own emergency kit of affirmations that boost your mood and put you in a confident state. Keep it handy and use it any time you feel shaky.

And in the end:


Now we want to hear from you. Please tell us in the comments below what are your most terrifying fears! What keeps you up at night? Do you have a strategy for overcoming them?

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Posted by Roxana on Mar.19 2015

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