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Dear Mom


I should stick this to my bathroom mirror:) Or better yet, make it into a beautiful wallpaper for my smartphone. Just to be sure i remember.

Hi, my name is Alina and I am a control freak. I can hardly think and focus unless my environment is clean and tidy and things are in perfect order. If i can’t have my dishes washed immediately, i need to see them stacked in a certain order. God forbid they should lie around all over the kitchen counter – it makes me nervous instantly (and sometimes i don’t even realize).

Sofa cushions need to stand neat and puffy, in a certain orderly aesthetic pattern. My family members – less freaky than myself – scatter, push, squeeze and throw them around, use them as missiles, or head rests when lying down on the floor. Yeah, i know, that’s what cushions are made for…..

The mother of two small kids (Me) is in constant dialogue with this little inner madness manager (Myself), who needs to get things done fast, cleanly and efficiently (otherwise the mother’s stress levels skyrocket within the next ten minutes:) So the third avatar, I, comes into the scene, mediating the situation and constantly reminding Myself that we should concentrate on more significant matters. Such as?

Such as playing more with my children, listening to their constantly amazing ideas, listening to a tape or webinar i’ve been postponing for three days, calling my parents, catching up with a friend with a sick child, reading a short article about relationships, taking 5 deep breaths, drinking 2 glasses of water, doing 10 squats or push ups…..Ooops, this sounds like Myself again. 

Anything much more useful than re-arranging the sofa cushions (that would anyway mingle again as fast as teenagers entering a disco club). Or doing the dishes. Or ironing the laundry. Or mopping the floors. You get it.

Happy International Women’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day!

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Posted by Alina on Mar.08 2015

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