How to Inspire People to Do Their Best: A Genuine Pozitivista in Foreign Affairs

Posted by Alina on Apr.03 2015
    For a couple of years I worked in my home country's foreign affairs ministry. I had always dreamt to work in diplomacy. I used to think it is one possible route for me to help make the world a better place. It was a great s [...]

Dear Mom

Posted by Alina on Mar.08 2015
  I should stick this to my bathroom mirror:) Or better yet, make it into a beautiful wallpaper for my smartphone. Just to be sure i remember. Hi, my name is Alina and I am a control freak. I can hardly think and focus unless my environmen [...]

An exercise of imagination

Posted by Alina on Jan.18 2015
“I believe in angels,  Something good in everything I see”  ABBA – I Believe in Angels   Let’s make today the day when everyone on Earth does something kind for another. Let’s make today Love Day All together now! Ima [...]

The Easiest Way to Prove You Care

Posted by Alina on Jan.18 2015
Real kindness seeks no return. What return can the world make to rain clouds?   Thiruvalluvar   As a child, i remember strongly believing that the more i gave, the more i ‘d get. I don’t know where the certainty was coming from; p [...]

Why it pays off to search for your passion

Posted by Roxana on Jan.18 2015
“I wanna feel this way longer than time I wanna know your dreams and make them mine I wanna change the world only for you All the impossible i wanna do I wanna hold you close under the rain I wanna kiss your smile and feel your pain I know [...]