Parenting: Loving Leadership OR How to Stay in Charge without Losing Your Child’s Love

Posted by Alina on May.01 2015
  I often wonder: what is the right balance between loving, soft parenting and a more commanding and authoritarian approach to child rearing? My heart melts with love, like chocolate ice cream under tropical sun, every time I see my littl [...]

Face Everything And Rise with this simple method

Posted by Roxana on Mar.19 2015
Fear is a serious issue. Fear is what mingles with our growing; it's what keeps us from accomplishing goals; it's what holds us from experiencing new things. Fear is a handicap. It's a "dis ease". BUT Fear is good. Fear is what tells us to look [...]

Emergency Kit for Dealing with Toxic People

Posted by Alina on Feb.24 2015
Who are the people in your life that push all your wrong buttons? People who trigger a lot of negative emotions and regularly push you in a whirlpool of destructive, cynical, argumentative thoughts and inner dialogue, tension and even conflict? [...]
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Instant Easy Steps to Restore Your Excellent Mood!

Posted by Alina on Feb.27 2014
  It's again one of those days. When you wake up and suddenly the world is no longer multicolor, but a dull shade of gray. You have a hard time dragging yourself out of bed (a crane could be useful). Your body won’t listen to your commands, [...]