If I found happiness, you can too

Posted by Alina on Jul.09 2016
  For many years I believed, like the vast majority of the people I knew, that happiness is something that, well, just happens to us. That one bright, amazing day, if you manage to achieve that list of things, you will graduate and become [...]

Parenting: Loving Leadership OR How to Stay in Charge without Losing Your Child’s Love

Posted by Alina on May.01 2015
  I often wonder: what is the right balance between loving, soft parenting and a more commanding and authoritarian approach to child rearing? My heart melts with love, like chocolate ice cream under tropical sun, every time I see my littl [...]

What Waking Up At 5 am Did To Me

Posted by Roxana on Apr.16 2015
I began waking up at 5 a.m. almost 2 years ago. Since then, I’ve done it pretty much every day. What I do from 5 a.m. till 7 a.m. is any activity that empowers me. It’s my time with ME. Either I use it for reflection – on me, my relationship [...]
Tony Robbins- Meaning

THE Number One Habit to Build Solid Happiness into Your Daily Life

Posted by Alina on Mar.16 2015
  Yes, I kid you not; they have discovered the fast track to happiness. :) And it’s not about money, sex or rock-n-roll (although they can be included). The solution is old as the world, and easy as 1-2-3. We all know it, and more and [...]

Emergency Kit for Dealing with Toxic People

Posted by Alina on Feb.24 2015
Who are the people in your life that push all your wrong buttons? People who trigger a lot of negative emotions and regularly push you in a whirlpool of destructive, cynical, argumentative thoughts and inner dialogue, tension and even conflict? [...]

Get Instant Stress Relief with these Quick, Infallible Methods

Posted by Alina on Jan.18 2015
[fusion_text]Two thousand years ago a man was born with a different view of the world. He shared his view and he died for it. But his message was so powerful that his name and presence are a burning flame, setting our Earth ablaze today, two millenni [...]

A Simple Tool in Obtaining Clarity

Posted by Roxana on Jan.18 2015
My experience taught me that obtaining clarity saves a lot of time doing unnecessary work and a lot of frustrating feelings that can lead even to quitting on our dreams. I remember Jim Rohn used to say “If you don’t design your own life plan, [...]