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PoZitivistas: Inspiring Women to Build Strong Character, for Joyful and Confident Life

Blaze your way through every single day like an incandescent, unstoppable fireball!

Be alive, awake and present, charge yourself with soul-warming poZitive energy and unshakable confidence.

Mood is power and you are the queen, the boss, the master and the ruler of your own emotions!

Take control over the magnificent force of your emotional state, use it consciously and purposely, and never feel powerless again.

A wise man once said: “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” (Jim Rohn)

Together let’s identify new habits that get you organized and focused, making sure each day brings you closer to your goals.

Build your own unbreakable chain of daily habits, to reach a highly productive and balanced life.

Remember! We are what we do on a constant basis. 

You always felt you were somehow special and meant for bigger things…. You crave to find your meaning and your place in the greater scheme of life.

Dare! Reclaim your significance and figure out how your specialness, your strengths and your passions can make a difference in your world and beyond.

You can really do it.

Regain the freedom to be creative and shine, to reach your highest potential self and become a role model who inspires others!

PoZitivistas photos by Lia Nichifor