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Building a New Muscle

Wow! I’m back on (key)board after an absence of almost one month. It feels like the first day of school. I washed my hands, did manicure, put on my new shoes … ok, I didn’t do that actually. Anyway, I’m ready for “inspection”. 🙂

I come back after a two weeks vacation in China. It was my third visit in this special, unusual and far away country.

My first impression on China was … let’s just say that I wanted to run away. It was a cold, rainy, humid day of February. After being on the road for more than 24 hours, we arrived in a small mountain town called Taiping. Feeling cold from a bus ride of about 6 hours, I could not wait to warm up a little in the hotel.

So, I rapidly took my luggage and ran into the hotel lobby. But, surprise! Here an even more humid bone-penetrating cold air hit me. Then, it struck me – “I’m in a communist country!” In that moment I so wanted to cry like a baby and push a button that would transport me instantly in my warm, cozy bed with my fluffy blanket and soft pillows.

As we went to the hotel restaurant, a weird, heavy, unpleasant smell invaded our nostrils. Unfortunately, the taste sense was not luckier that the smell. As we had no idea what to order we end up eating unusual, oily, chewy, smelly food that had nothing to do with the Chinese food from back home.

Sticky, dirty, smelly, chewy. That was my first impression on China. How come I went there three times, then?

Well, little by little I started to see some interesting things. The first and most curious thing to me were the people. In this pretty much colorless and smelly 🙂 town I noticed some happy faces. Whether they were riding their bicycle, working the land or shopping people were smiling continuously. Even though they spoke no foreign language, they tried to help when they felt we were in need. They were eager to communicate.

One other thing I noticed was that Chinese people are hard working. Every piece of land we passed by was used, planted with vegetables, tea bushes or trees. The tea and rice terraces plantations are a must see.

And speaking of nature, they have gorgeous mountains. Hollywood movie directors draw their inspiration from the Chinese mountains. Did you know that the beautiful mountain scenes from Avatar were inspired by the Huangshan mountains in China?

But the thing that impressed me most about China was the way they approach life. Without doing too much propaganda, these extremely simple people apply the principles of a healthy life; principles that we, in our civilized world, try hard to impose on ourselves, on our families and friends.

It feels weird to make this affirmation since I’ve walked the streets of a few cities in China, seen the dirt and the poor houses where people live.

Yet, starting with the nutrition of these people, the things they are taught, the way they combine Western medical practices with their old traditional medicine (which I find very fascinating and more efficient than our chemical based treatments) and finishing with the mental practices they do, I can honestly say that Chinese do live healthier lives than us.

My point here is that we should constantly keep our minds opened for new adventures, for learning new things and for experiencing good and we shall do just that. The line between good or bad is quite thin and with a wrong focus we can indeed end up having unpleasant experiences.

It’s so easy to loose sight of the nice things. So, what do we do then? We start building a muscle for changing perspectives and focus. Yes, we will notice the ugly, but we should constantly search for the beauty as well. And when we find it, we should give greater charge to this latter one.

Stay with the beauty instead of the ugly. Admire it. Feel it. Ultimately accept the ugly as part of the beauty.

You see, I arrived in China tired, cold, angry and willing to run away. And I left relaxed, smiling and willing to come back. And I did.


Posted by Roxana on May.08 2015

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  1. I am glad that your first impression from China didn’t ruin the rest of your trip. I have never visited China but I would love to in the future! I also love how Chinese people combine different healing methods together, it is interesting indeed! Thank you for sharing your experience!


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