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Beauty Manifesto

A woman’s heart is yours forever
She will be true to the one in her life
If we don’t give her love and affection
Could be the biggest mistake that a man can make
(Chris De Burgh – A Woman’s Heart)

A few days ago I received a short video on my Facebook account,  that saddened me and left in  an amazement state for a while.

The video – which is part of the “Choose Beautiful” campaign by Dove – was filmed in several big cities in the world where a double entrance in a public building was marked “Beautiful” on one way and “Average” on the second one.

Women were encouraged to choose the entry they felt corresponded to the way they felt about themselves.

Guess what? Most women chose the “Average” door. Beautiful, gorgeous women, even sweet teenage girls made this choice to everyone’s surprise.

That made me wonder why do we, women, fail so many times to see ourselves as beautiful creatures. Why can’t we see beyond physical appearance? What is it that makes us beautiful?

So, I started to put together a Beauty Manifesto as a constant reminder of why you and I should feel beautiful.


1. Because your smile can light up a whole room, line up people in a queue and make at least one heart stop for a second. You don’t believe me? Try to see Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa at the Louvre and you’ll spend hours in line. :))

2. Because the touch of your hand is worth more than gold. Ask any teenage boy in love and he’ll just confirm.

3. Because your kiss can heal a wound better than any medicine.

4. Because you can spend hours or days just being there for a friend or loved one, hold their hand, cry with them, never asking for anything in return. And let’s face it, sister, no man can ever do that. 🙂

5. Because God chose you to give life – that’s gotta count for something. My husband often jokes that if the world would rely on men to perpetuate the specie, mankind soon disappear, as no man would be able to endure the pain of birth.

6. Because you can fly planes, manage companies or governments, operate hearts and brains just as well as you can cook, clean and take care of your family.

7. Because you’re simply smart, creative and powerful.

8. Because when you truly give your heart to someone, you give yourself entirely.

9. Because you can get out of a traffic control without a ticket and get directions at the same time.

10. Because only you can do a real bellydance.

11. And finally, because:

Yeah it’s pretty clear, I ain’t no size two
But I can shake it, shake it like I’m supposed to do
‘Cause I got that boom boom that all the boys chase
All the right junk in all the right places
I see the magazines working that Photoshop
We know that shit ain’t real
Come on now, make it stop
If you got beauty beauty just raise ’em up
‘Cause every inch of you is perfect
From the bottom to the top
Yeah, my momma she told me don’t worry about your size
She says, boys they like a little more booty to hold at night
You know I won’t be no stick-figure, silicone Barbie doll,
So, if that’s what’s you’re into
Then go ahead and move along

(Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass)


Now, we need your help to make this list bigger. Tell us what is it that makes a woman beautiful? Give us your insight! Leave a comment!



Posted by Roxana on Apr.24 2015

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PoZitivistas photos by Lia Nichifor