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PoZitivistas: Inspiring You to Build Strong Character, for Joyful and Confident Life

You opened your eyes this morning with the same dreadful feeling you’ve been having for a very long time: another day is rushing toward you, uncertainty, countless tasks and impossible decisions are thrown in your face by an invisible nasty force? You feel you’ve lost the battle before it even started.

You’re trying to escape the whirlpool, get yourself together, ignore the feeling that you are a misfit in your own life and face the world with a shy, insecure smile.

Do you yearn for the days when life seemed to be ahead of you, full of promises and rewards? Do you wonder how come you ended up here? It feels like you never learn how to make it right – or if you do, it never lasts more than a few fugitive moments, and you’re always back, where you started.

Are you wondering how to navigate through another awkward day, among those people in your life that seem to drain all your energy and good mood? Wish you knew how to tackle them, right?

Guess what, you’re not alone.

We’ve been there too, and so have many others.

We’ve done a lot of learning, trials and errors and we finally found the key: mood or emotions don’t just happen to you, you always have the power to choose the ones that motivate and build you up, and let go of those that harm or disempower you.

Mood is power! 
Welcome to the Mood Factory!

Did you ever realize that mood is power?

Doesn’t everything just turn out right when you’re happy and confident?

And doesn’t everything seem to fall apart when you’re miserable and down?

That was your mood at work.

We show you how to shift your emotional state, and how to hold it and re-create it anytime, so that you can blaze your way through every single day, and every single challenge.

We provide the spark through soul-rocking motivation and we feed and grow your fire through empowering habits. Then, when your engine is hot and running at optimum speed, we help you breakthrough to a new level: discover your unique irreplaceable specialness and become a PoZitivista.

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You can have and enjoy them all. Yes, all at the same time.

We empower you with the right tools to build a joyful, fulfilling life.

We guide you through the process of working out the values and habits that create the foundation for lifelong balance, contentment and an unshakable confidence that you can manage whatever comes your way.

Find out how to:

– Use the knowledge that mood is power to harness the tremendous force of your emotional state every single day, and never feel powerless again;

– Manage disempowering emotions, thoughts and situations as soon as they come up, for a faster and more efficient bounce-back;

– Prioritize things, as in health, relationships, parenthood, career, self development and contribution to the world;

– Build yourself up with routines and habits that cannot easily be lost or interrupted;

– Start the day right and maintain optimum energy at all times;

– Nourish yourself on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual);

– Make durable changes that help you feel in control, strong, brave, friendly, kind and appealing;

– Give your very best, regardless of circumstances, to reap outstanding rewards;

– Regain trust in and meaningful connection with people;

– Choose the right tools to manage your day for high efficiency and productivity, so that you never feel overwhelmed or out of time;

– Identify your strengths, skills and passions and figure out how you can make a difference in your world;

– Regain the freedom to be creative and shine;

– Use the power of spirituality to become more centered, secure and guided;

– Express your uniqueness, to reach your highest potential self;

– Take simple, daily actions for lasting happiness;

– Become a role model and inspire others.

PoZitivistas photos by Lia Nichifor