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About Roxana

Hey sister,

I have a dream. I dream of a day when people will wake up willing to learn, to test, to reach their full potential, a day when people will choose to see the good part of life and laugh at problems, a day when we’ll all live joyful lives.  I dream of a day when women will look in the mirror and see the beauty behind wrinkles, the charm behind the orange peel, the power within herself.

I’ve always dreamed to be part of something big, to have a huge contribution to the greater good, to actually bring smiles on people’s faces.

As a teenager I thought I could bring my contribution to improving other lives by fighting for the less fortunate in court. So, I went and studied law. But, I was to find out that I was not made for swimming with the sharks.

And since life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, I got caught up in its game. I chose to pursue a different career. In finances. I found myself a good job, did an MBA with major in Finance and became Financial Manager.

I had many glorious moments in my career, learned many things, got to meet interesting people. Imagine me, an average kid, from a middle-class family got to ride high with Swiss bankers, lawyers and other international authorities. It was fun and it really helped me with my confidence and self-esteem.

But, after more than ten years of working as a financial manager in corporations, I felt something was not quite right – the pieces of my life puzzle seem not to fit anymore.

You see, I’m just a normal person; I’m in my late thirties – ok, I might as well admit it, I’ll be forty soon; I’m living in a loving, caring and respectful marriage for almost twenty years. I learned a lot about healthy relationships near my husband.

I’m passionate about cooking, dancing and Christmas. I can’t live without music, books, chocolate and snow. I believe in love, family, friends and the power of pink – both the color and the singer. ☺ I love colors, so I wear them everyday.

Nothing special about me … except that, I’d like to think that I was born twice.

When my 4-months old boy died, my whole world and life crumbled. I wondered in the dark, near this totally new to me person for seven years; everyday was a challenge; I had to learn to live again; I had to learn to know and love myself again.

This experience forced me to reinvent myself, to discover my values, to live in gratitude, to never take things for granted. I began to “study” life and learn what’s it all about; ask myself questions.

I literally lived one day at a time for years. I learned to appreciate life in a different way, to be truly grateful for the things I have – those things that we really never thank the universe for, like the fact that I can see, hear, smell, walk, talk, think … and DANCE! I learned to listen to myself and be receptive to others needs.

I discovered things about me that I was too blind or too afraid to see. I learned I could do so much more if I just free myself of self-imposed limitations.

Besides my husband, my family and couple of friends, I had quite reliable companions in my journey – Dr. Deepak Chopra taught me the first things about the soul, Ms. Oprah Winfrey gave me hope and fed my soul. I learned to live again with the help of Louise Hay, Dale Carnegie. Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, John Maxwell brought me back to the basics.

And yes, this whole experience made me come back to my old forgotten dream – to contribute, to actually participate in improving other lives, to teach people to believe in themselves and to search for that specialness we all have that makes us UNIQUE.

So, I’m here to be your companion now on the road to self-discovery, to teach you the power of habits and to prove to you that you too can live a life of passion and joy.

Can’t wait to meet you!



PoZitivistas photos by Lia Nichifor