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About Alina

An MBA and International Relations graduate, with a big heart and a passion for helping people treat themselves and the world in a positive and constructive way!

My background and my life are colored in a diversity of interests and experiences. I come from Romania and grew up in Bucharest and my grandparents’ heavenly, tiny Transylvanian village in the hills. I studied Political Science in Bucharest, International Relations in London and graduated from a Canadian Romanian MBA. I got married on a beautiful South Indian beach and in the Romanian Carpathian mountains (ahem, yes, to the same wonderful man) and live in Dubai with my husband and our two amazing little kids.

I worked in international affairs (the Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry), education (the Bucharest Political Science University) and I honed my business skills in multilevel marketing, the fashion industry, international trade, the construction industry, and for the past five years in the healthcare industry. I am an avid reader and my curiosity and thirst for constant improvement have been my best friends. I believe that God, our inner dialogue, education and self education are our most powerful allies.

I used to dream I could reach out and change lives as a politician. I found I was not yet ready for this path, so I decided I would be a force for good in different ways.

Strong role models and powerful thinkers shaped who I am: my parents and grandparents, Louise Hay, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Oprah Winfrey, Anthony Robbins,  Dale Carnegie, John Maxwell and many more!

I strongly believe love is the greatest healer and nobody should suffer alone!

My skills, interests and passions have always had one converging point: the desire to reach out to people in a positive way, using all my knowledge and compassion, to help them enhance and enrich their life in health, love, finances and other meaningful areas, such as:

God and Spirituality
Positive thinking
Health and Healing techniques – EFT, Bach Floral remedies, Reiki, Yoga, etc
Children and good parenting practices
Public speaking
Aesthetics and beauty
Nature and outdoors living.

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